Do you want to become a Production Operative?

So, you want a job as a Production Operative? If you’ve never worked as one before you may not know what the role entails or if you need any prior experience or qualifications.

Production Operatives can be found working in a variety of different industries like pharmaceuticals, food and drink, construction and engineering contributing to the manufacture of a variety of consumer goods. Day to day tasks may include:

· measuring, grading and feeding batches of raw materials into production machinery
· operating production line equipment, like a conveyor line in a canning factory
· assembling goods on a production line, like fitting circuit boards into computers
· reporting equipment faults to maintenance staff
· finishing products, for example applying protective coatings
· monitoring the production process and carrying out basic testing and quality checks
· storing goods and raw materials in the factory or warehouse
· using lifting equipment and forklift trucks (if qualified)
· packing goods ready for shipment
· cleaning and maintaining work areas and machinery

Job requirements

For a job as a Production Operative there aren’t usually any entry requirements, however, some employers may ask for a good standard of general education. While it isn’t always necessary, having a forklift licence is a bonus if working as a Production Operative.

Previous experience isn’t normally needed either, you just need to display the following skills:

· good practical skills
· the ability to work quickly and methodically
· the ability to concentrate while doing repetitive tasks
· the ability to follow instructions

Working hours

As factories and warehouses are usually 24 /7 operations, you can expect to cover a variety of different shifts as a Production Operative – this could include days, nights and weekends with overtime available for those who want to take it.


You’ll be in a dynamic, noisy environment, and need to be comfortable with frequent physical activity for extended periods of time.


You can expect to earn on average £14,000 – £20,000 per a year, dependant on weekly hours and skill level. You may also get extra payments for unsocial shifts or overtime, and productivity bonuses.

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