Manufacturing Recruitment

Our manufacturing recruitment team have extensive experience and specialise in hiring across all levels of manufacturing, from production operatives to engineers to executives.

Finding the right talent is critical in maintaining and optimising your manufacturing operations. We understand the nuances of sourcing and onboarding technical talent who not only have the required hard skills but also fit within your company culture.

Our network and innovative recruiting approach enable us to identify passive candidates who may not be actively job searching. We utilise the latest tools and platforms to screen candidates efficiently while also taking the time needed to ensure the right match.

Once on board, we partner with your team to ensure new hires are smoothly integrated and set up for long-term success. With our expertise in manufacturing recruitment, we can provide the talent you need to keep your production running smoothly while also planning for future growth and innovation.

Our specialisms

We recruit across a number of areas within manufacturing, including:
Typical manufacturing roles we hire for

Recruitment structure

Our manufactung consultants are experts in recruiting and placing a range of high calibre candidates across the North of England in to various types of manual, factory, distribution and back office management based job vacancies. The types of candidates we can help you find include: 

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From ad-hoc and contingent supply through to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), our client services are 100% tailored to meet the needs of the manufacturing clients we work with.

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