Safety Induction

Welcome to the DX Safety Induction

Please complete the following questions to the best of your knowledge. The information you give will be kept entirely confidential and is needed to secure the safety of you and others.

1. What is the maximum speed limit on site?(Required)
2. When reversing you must?(Required)
3. In an operational area, mobile phones are?(Required)
4. E-Cigarettes may be used...?(Required)
5. What are the main type/s of accident associated with elevated platforms?(Required)
6. What is the number one rule for avoiding being hit or crushed by a vehicle reversing onto the loading bay?(Required)
7. When a vehicle is docked on a loading bay the gap must be?(Required)
8. Using an FLT to load or unload a trailer is?(Required)
9. In addition to your back, what other parts of the body are commonly affected by poor manual handling?(Required)
10. When lifting for a stable base, how far apart should your feet be?(Required)
11. When lifting, is it safer to hold the load?(Required)
12. It is safer to .......... a load.(Required)
13. What kind of load/s can go on a curtain sided vehicle?(Required)
14. Tall narrow based items should be secured?(Required)
15. Is it ok to double stack pallets?(Required)
16. What kinds of load/s can be carried on the top deck of a double deck trailer?(Required)
17. What item of PPE must you wear when visiting an operational area?(Required)
18. What item of personal protection equipment must you wear if you are working in an operational area?(Required)
19. If you discover a fire, what is the first thing that you should do?(Required)
20. If you have a minor accident at work, what should you do?(Required)