Employee engagement in the warehouse sector

Warehouse work can be repetitive, secluded and very demanding – for managers, it can be a challenge to ensure their workers are engaged and motivated in such an intense environment. But, it is possible and there are various strategies managers can implement to keep their teams motivated and enjoying their work.

The difference between a profitable and an unprofitable warehouse operation can literally rest on the engagement rates of the staff. Research has found that disengaged employees can cost an organisation approximately £2,500 for every £7,500 in annual salary. Simply put, companies with disengaged staff are less profitable than businesses with engaged employees.

With the right strategies in place, you can do more than just keep your current staff engaged but also attract engaged workers.

Regular contact and feedback

Having regular interaction with your staff is one of the most important factors of employee engagement. A survey by Manhattan Associates found that 72% of workers under the age of 30 want more feedback. Without enough interaction, warehouse workers can end up feeling alienated, unvalued and unmotivated. Workers who feel those things are usually the ones who quickly move onto other roles with other companies.

The warehouses that have some of the best engagement rates create a sense of belonging for their workers, holding regular check-in sessions and setting clear goals.


If your employee has done a good job, let them know! Either through formal routes such as appraisals or weekly meetings, or informally in catch ups or during the working day. In the same survey by Manhattan Associates, 64% of distribution centre supervisors said recognition of high performers is the biggest driver of employee engagement and 69% of employees said they work harder when recognised for hard work. Even just a simple “thank you” or “well done” can go a long way.

Have fun

When you run a business with a large warehouse, it’s likely that not all your staff get an opportunity to interact with each other, which is why it is important to have fun now and again. Loneliness in employees can be fatal for an organisation, with employee’s work loneliness triggering emotional withdrawal from their company.

To help your staff build emotional connections with one another you could hold quarterly staff nights out, monthly incentives or something as simple as a Christmas meal or party. Allowing your staff to socialise in this way will help build an engaged workforce who enjoy their job.

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