The benefits of temporary staff

Temporary jobs are becoming increasingly popular and the number of temporary (temp) workers in the UK has increased considerably over the past few years. That’s because there are a wide range of benefits associated with hiring temp staff. Whether your business needs extra support during busy periods or you need to fill a role while an employee is on leave, hiring temp staff is a great solution.

Throughout this blog, we’ll explain the key benefits of hiring temp workers and delve into why they could be valuable additions to your workforce.

Support during busy periods

Hiring temp staff is especially helpful during peak periods, such as Christmas. Increasing your workforce during busy periods boosts morale and keeps your team productive, as they won’t feel strained by the extra workload. Additionally, you can alter the size of your workforce as required. The flexibility of temp workers is invaluable when you need additional support but can’t commit to full-time employees.

Cost-effective solution

Working with a recruitment agency is typically more practical and affordable than hiring your own full-time employees. Usually, recruitment agencies will undertake the costs of resourcing, advertising, and marketing any vacancies, and they won’t charge you until they find a suitable candidate for the role. If they can’t fill the position, you won’t get billed for it, so it won’t cost anything if they’re unsuccessful.


Flexibility is often the central purpose for hiring temp staff. Temp workers are likely to have flexible schedules and can be more accommodating to taking work on short notice or at unsociable times. If something unexpected arises or you have a big project or a tight deadline, temp staff enable you to increase productivity and meet completion times. Furthermore, hiring temps provides access to a larger talent pool, which is beneficial if you’re looking for workers with specific skills.

Shorter hiring process

A key advantage to hiring temp staff through an agency is that the process is quick. Agencies will often have an established base of potential candidates, so they won’t necessarily need to undergo a timely and costly hiring campaign.

Permanent positions

Finding employees that are the right fit for your business can often be challenging, but hiring temp staff allows you to evaluate workers without committing to a permanent position. In addition, filling a permanent position with a temp worker can alleviate the pressure of filling that role, allowing you to take your time finding the right person.

Are you looking to hire?

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