W.E. Rawson Questionnaire

Agency worker name
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The following checklist relates to topics covered during the first-day induction programme for agency workers.

A copy of this checklist will be kept for future reference in the person's training record.

Please tick off to confirm the documents you have received. 

1. Employee handbook

Issue 3, November 2020(Required)

2. Training documents

WER EP 001 - Emergency Procedures(Required)
WER SWP 005 - Retractable blade knives(Required)
WER SWP 020 - Lock off Tag off(Required)
WER SWP 022 - General Activities(Required)
DD slash MM slash YYYY

To be completed by the agency

Additional information

I confirm that I have followed the agency workers induction process as above and have been issued with a copy of the W. E. Rawson Agency Workers Handbook. I agree to abide by the company rules and safe working procedures contained therein.

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